Jackson County residents concerned over illegal dumping of animal carcasses

Northeast Alabama
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PISGAH, Ala. — Residents are speaking out about a farm in Pisgah chucking animal carcasses.

The WHNT News 19 viewer says a chicken farmer has been “dumping dead chicken and some sort of bigger animals on the creek banks and tree lines in the backside of a pasture.” They say the decomposing animals are “running off into the creek water that feeds an artisan well.”

The viewer says their dog jumped out of the back of their truck and ran. That’s when they found the dumping site.

WHNT News 19 reached out to the Jackson County Health Department, The Bureau of Environmental Services, and the Animal Industries division of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, and the farmer that owns the property.

Dr. Tony Frazier, the state veterinarian for the Alabama Dept. of Agriculture and Industries, responded to our request. He says all chicken farmers must have a proper disposal method for their dead animals. He then said throwing dead carcasses, without proper disposal, is illegal.

Carcasses of farm animals meet the definition of “solid waste” in the regulations of the Alabama Department of Environment Management, Division of Solid Waste Management found at www.adem.state.al.us.

In the “Policy Concerning the Disposal of Dead Farm Animals and the Disposal Offal from Custom Slaughter Facilities,” it reads:

“It is recommended that producers dispose of carcasses within 24 hours of discovery of the dead animal, regardless of weather conditions. The State Veterinarian with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries is responsible for approving methods or systems of dead animal carcass disposal.”

Because of WHNT News 19’s call, the department is in the process of checking out the land in Pisgah for the approval or disapproval of its carcass disposal.

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