Jackson County resident concerned about sliding road

Northeast Alabama

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala.- Several Jackson County roads are in need of major repair after being washed out from heavy rain over the last year.

Becky Hargiss lives at the top of Summerhouse Mountain.

She told WHNT News 19 that she never imagined the one way to and from her home would be compromised.

“The road had been here and been established for so long and people have been using this road for almost a century, probably over a century, so we never thought part of it would try to leave,” said Hargiss.

Hargiss said workers repaired the road last year after it first slid but said that was just a band-aid.

She added that last week’s heavy rainfall has caused the one lane they are still able to drive on to start buckling. It has her incredibly concerned about upcoming storms.

“If it goes ahead and slides, it’s going to take out the power line, of course, we’re going to be stranded out here, no road to get on or off, no emergency services and taking out the power line, no power and all of us out there have wells and if we don’t have power we won’t have water,” explained Hargiss.

Jackson County Commission Chairman Tim Guffey said last week that their first priority is repairing County Road 17.

He said that is because the county received federal and state funding to fix it.

They only received FEMA funding to fix the other damaged roads including County Road 189, which makes the repair process slower.

“They all have alternate routes and it may take them longer to get to and from, but we don’t even get to and from if our road goes because this is the only way up and down this mountain,” said Hargiss.

She told WHNT News 19 that she wants the county to make sure her road is safer for drivers since it is their only way in and out.

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