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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A Jackson County man convicted of murdering his father was sentenced to 35 years in prison following a hearing on Thursday.

61-year-old Byron Keith Shirey of Dutton was convicted in November 2021 for beating his father, 78-year-old Charles Shirey, to death in May 2017.

During the trial, prosecutors laid out the case saying Shirey had struggled with financial issues. He was accused of beating his father to death after he refused to give him money.

Investigators said Byron transferred $50,000 from his father’s account into his own that same day.

Byron was arrested in September of 2019 after Jackson County investigators worked on the case for a year and a half. Following his conviction, Shirey requested a lower bond so he could be released from jail until his sentencing. That request was denied.

He remains in the custody of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.