Jackson County looks to expand and remodel county park

Northeast Alabama
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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Jackson County is looking to improve one of its recreation destinations, with an added goal of bringing in more visitors and an increase in revenue.

The county commission is working to expand and remodel the Jackson County park. “It’s really a massive overhaul from what’s out there and what’s been out there in the past,” County Commission Chair Matthew Hodges says.

Hodges says part of the plans include bike trails and walking paths. One of the bigger additions are cabins. “There are a lot of changes that are going to be coming,” Hodges says. “Have a section for boating, so that makes it easy for boaters and fisherman to get in and out, a section for the camping, a section for the cabins.”

Hodges says they also plan to add more recreational space.

County leaders say one of the goals in this project is to bring more people to the area, and they say they’re not just looking to bring in people who live outside Jackson County. They’re also looking to bring in people who are residents. They say all of those visitors means more revenue.

There isn’t an exact price tag for the project just yet, but Hodges says they expect the park to pay for itself over several years. The county hopes to get the project done this year if everything goes according to plan.

The commission voted on an agreement with an architecture firm at its meeting Monday night, which is a step in  the first stages of the project.

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