Jackson County leaders speak on pros and cons of alcohol sales within the entire county

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- With one of its smaller incorporated towns going wet in the last election and in light of budget issues and funding decreases, questions raise on whether it would benefit Jackson County as a whole to allow alcohol sales, but county leaders say there are pros and cons to that move.

The town of Hollywood voted to allow alcohol sales within the town limits.

It's following three other incorporated towns and cities in Jackson County that already allow for it, but like many area counties, Jackson County itself is dry.

Jackson County Commission Chair Matthew Hodges says there are valid reasons as to whether it would be a good idea for the county, or not.

"I think some of the positives for the county in particular would be the revenue source," Hodges says, "Obviously with the county's financial situation that would be a very positive situation to have that additional revenue source."

Then on the flip side Hodges says there are negatives to allowing alcohol to be sold.

"There's still just a lot of concerns on how that would affect the ability to control that substance," Hodges says.

This wet/dry proposal hasn't come before the Commission in recent months but Hodges says it's possible.

He says a potential affirmation wouldn't be entirely up to the Commission.

"I think it would have to come from the citizens of Jackson County for it to ever happen," Hodges says.

Within the county's 13 incorporated towns and cities four are wet, with Hollywood being the most recent.

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