Jackson County is bringing Pre-K classes to Bridgeport and Section

Northeast Alabama
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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – “We’ve had seven pre-k programs going into this year. This summer we were recently awarded two more,” says Kevin Dukes, superintendent of Jackson County schools.

A child’s very first steps toward education are the most important.

“We have students that come to us with that have no school experience whatsoever in kindergarten and those who have some pre-k experience do a lot better,” says Lauria Merritt.

The hope is that adding two more pre-k classes in the county will expand those educational opportunities.

“Anytime you can provide education to anybody, it doesn’t matter what age limit, good things happen,” says Superintendent Dukes.

Those interested in enrolling their child can sign up this summer.

“People sign up and then we have a random drawing here at the central office. Right now we’re allowing anybody to get in,” says Dukes.

So anyone seeking pre-k for their student is eligible for these programs.

“Just very excited to have it. We think it’s really going to boost our students and help us,” says Merritt.

Both Section and Bridgeport pre-k classes will begin in the fall.

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