JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A Hollywood man convicted of manslaughter in the 2020 shooting death of Anna Grogan Brown, leading to a standoff, now has an opportunity for early release.

Eric Maurice Scott was charged with murder after authorities said he shot Brown, his girlfriend.

In an article by the Jackson County Sentinel, testimony during Scott’s trial detailed that Brown had been shot in her left hip, severing an artery, before traveling through to her right leg, severing a vein.

When law enforcement arrived at the Jackson County Road 36 home, Scott refused to come out, even after deputies sent tear gas into the house. Knowing a gunshot victim was inside, authorities forced their way in and arrested Scott.

Just over one year later, Scott was found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter by a Jackson County jury after deliberating for six hours, according to the Jackson County Sentinel.

Scott was sentenced to 15 years in prison, a term of which he has served just over three years. The Alabama Department of Corrections shows a minimum release date of October 2, 2025.

The Alabama Board of Pardons & Paroles is expected to convene to decide whether or not Scott should be released early on June 6.