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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — The Jackson County Commission proposed ways to increase county revenue, which they say will go toward improving roads and supporting the county’s sheriff’s office.

If the measure passes, Jackson County residents would see some fees increase.

The proposals include a $5 increase for vehicle tags, a $10 fee for probate recordings, and a business license fee based on a tier system.

Jackson County Commission Chairman Bill Nance says the estimated $640,000 raised by the increased fees would go toward fixing county roads that may be hazardous.

“That’s fewer roads in our county that our citizens have to travel on that’s got potholes, or unsafe conditions, or difficult conditions for them to drive on,” Nance said.

With road conditions raising concern among residents, Jackson County resident Vickie Swafford says she doesn’t mind the potential increases.

“Our roads are in really bad condition. I think it would be worth paying a little extra,” Swafford said.

As for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Nance says the extra money would also help them deal with understaffing.

“Ensuring that we have the right level of staffing for the sheriff’s department to protect and defend the citizens of Jackson County is an important function,” Nance told News 19.

The sheriff’s office has been limited to providing just four school resource officers for the 16 county schools. Swafford believes additional funding that would provide schools with extra protection would go a long way.

“It’s getting scary out here to send your children to school these days. It would give us peace of mind knowing that there is an officer at all the schools,” Swafford said.

Although the proposals were made by the commission, the decision to implement these new ways of generating additional revenue will be in the hands of the Jackson County Legislative Delegation.

For the revenue measures to move forward, the Jackson County Legislative Delegation would have to present them to the full legislature for approval.