Jackson County Commission finds possible revenue options to fight deficit budget

Northeast Alabama
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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – “I was going through out opinion box this morning and looking at some of the request people have been making and a lot of it comes down to having the dollars to do it and right now we just don’t.”

Jackson County currently is working with a deficit budget.

“And looking forward to the next year. We are looking at another budget deficit. It will be reduced to some extent,” said Commissioner Matthew Hodges.

Although they plan to work out of this deficit, the commission may have found a little light at the end of the tunnel.

“Not a technical increase in property taxes but everybody’s taxes will increase due to a change in the appraisal values and the manual that’s been put out,” said Commissioner Hodges. “That’s something the state does every 5 years.”

Residents will get notices of this possible increase from the state of Alabama this year. It’s not the solution to the budget issues, but it will help.

“A comment that was made was we pay enough taxes, obviously we hear that a lot. The county government is not getting a lot of those taxes. We are getting again those property taxes, a piece of what you pay.”

Commissioner Hodges encourages residents to come out to the community meetings and really get an understanding with how their county government works.

“As far as budgets and anything else, we’re glad at any point in time to sit down with anybody to talk through and show them where our dollars are going.”

The Commission’s goal remains the same; provide a revenue increase without raising taxes. Commissioner Hodges says he’ll continue to do whatever he can to prevent residents from paying more out of pocket.

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