ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Albertville City Schools System (ACSS) is getting into the Halloween spirit! The district is using its Magic STEM bus and incorporating Halloween-themed challenges for its students this month. 

“It’s not just a bus…it’s a place where their imagination can go wild,” ACSS Technology & STEM Instructional Coach Spring Charles said.

This month, officials say they’ll be reading “Creepy Carrots” and completing a STEM challenge. 

“The kids are reading a story about Jasper Rabbit and how these creepy carrots are following him. They’re following him because he’s eating them. He’s getting chased by them, he’s seeing them everywhere…so the kids have got to build a fence to keep the carrots in,” Charles says.

Charles plans to roll into the month of November with a Thanksgiving-themed challenge.  

“Things are stemming from STEM. We have engineers, cyber security, etc. If we spark an interest at an early age, then we’re giving those kids an opportunity to see other things that they can be other than doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers like we were when we grew up,” said Charles. 

You can check out the video player at the top of the page for a look inside the STEM bus.