GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A circuit court ruling that would’ve euthanized a pit bull accused of attacking a Guntersville woman in 2021 was postponed Tuesday after the Alabama Supreme Court received a request to reconsider the dog’s penalty.

The dog, Havoc, was set to be euthanized Tuesday. However, the dog was granted a stay.

Teri Angel, the woman allegedly attacked by the dog in 2021, says she was disgusted after being notified of the delay four days before the date set for euthanizing Havoc.

“They will come to the same conclusion,” Angel told News 19. “I have no doubt. It’s just prolonging the inevitable.”

The court is now considering an application to rehear the case — meaning any final decision will be delayed indefinitely.

Court records from January show the initial ruling found Havoc to be a “dangerous dog,” as defined under Emily’s Law. That law allows a court to decide if a dog is to be put down if the animal caused serious physical injury or death.

The attack left Angel with severe injuries resulting in multiple skin-graft surgeries.

Havoc’s owner Valina Jackson says the dog has no history of violence and believes the initial ruling was made in error.

“There’s nobody that says the dog is aggressive, then why is the dog being bound as aggressive?” said Jackson. “He was at home minding his business and that’s just how that was. If anybody should be liable it should be me.”

Jackson filed an appeal after the circuit judge’s ruling. She said she hopes the Alabama Supreme Court overturns the ruling. If her appeal is granted, she plans to take actions on her own to prevent future accidents.

“He’s going to go through more training… just for both of our safeties,” she explained. “From here on out, I just don’t think I would let him around many people. But justice for me would be for Havoc to come home.”