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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Lake Guntersville’s biggest event of the summer will return in Summer 2022.

HydroFest announced the event set for June 25-26th with three classes of hydroplanes, racing at speeds of up to 200 mph. They are also celebrating the 60th anniversary of Roy Duby setting the world speed record of 200.419 mph at the lake in 1962.

The event will take place in Browns Creek along Sunset Drive with prime spectator viewing from the Guntersville Recreation Center to the Guntersville Water Treatment Plant.

Event organizers were excited to announce the return of the Grand Prix America hydros and the addition of the Pro-Lite 5 Litre hydros. The Grand Prix’s raced Lake Guntersville in 2018 and 2019 and were a crowd favorite from the loud 1500 horsepower blown V-8 motors.

Marshall County Tourism & Sports expects the two-day racing event to attract thousands of spectators to the city.

“Our race for 2022 will celebrate several decades of hydroplanes and the impact our water has had on the sport of boat racing,” Philip Mosley, chairman for the 2022 Guntersville Lake HydroFest Planning Committee said in a statement. “With three racing classes as well as the appearance of a few vintage craft, this event will be one of our best.”

You can begin to purchase tickets on April 1. Prices begin at $15 for single-day passes and $20 for a weekend pass. The weekend pass gives you access to both days of the event and access to see the pits at any time during the race weekend.

Club level tickets which include access to a private, tented area for ‘on-the-water’ viewing, free lunches and beverages both days, and free transportation to the boats are also available for $120. You will also receive a commemorative cup to mark the 60th anniversary of the world speed record.

If you like more of the tailgate experience, you can reserve a tent space. They have premium tent spaces for $75 in Zone 1 on the water. Regular tent spaces that are mostly not on the water are available for $50. Each space is 15×15 feet. The venue only allows pop-up tents and there is no overnight camping allowed.

For the perfect tailgate experience, reserve a personal tent space for HydroFest 2022. Premium Tent Spaces can be purchased for $75. These spaces are on the water for great views of the races in Zone 1. Regular tent spaces are also available for $50 and are not on the water except in Zone 3. Each space will be 15X15 ft.  Pop up tents only. No overnight camping is allowed within the venue.

For more information on purchasing tent spaces and tickets, visit the Hydrofest website.