Hospice of Marshall County Shepherd’s Cove celebrates 35 years with a name change that reflects values

Northeast Alabama
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ALBERTVILLE, Ala — It’s a new time for Hospice of Marshall County Shepherd’s Cove. The nonprofit agency that serves nine counties is celebrating 35 years. With that milestone comes a change.

“We’re revealing a new name for our organization that we feel better reflects what we do and where we provide that service,” said CEO Rhonda Osborne, “Our new name is Shepherd’s Cove Hospice. That’s probably not a really big surprise to most people, because we’re already known for our inpatient facility that was named Shepherd’s Cove.”

Several years ago the staff asked the community to pick a name for a new asset within the agency. That name was Shepherd’s Cove. Osborne said they believe the new name will resonate with the community.

As the nonprofit agency celebrates 35 years of service this year, it will do so with a name that goes deeper than the surface.

“One of our values is reverence. Reverence at the bedside of the people who are dying. We embrace the knowledge that we are led by a Good Shepherd, so just in our decision-making we are trying to make decisions based on our faith, our Christian faith,” Osborne said, “Also, our logo, with the shepherd’s staff in the middle of the heart. Our heart sets us apart, and one reason our heart sets us apart is because I believe we embrace that value of reverence.”

Osborne says a goal is to give back to the community with that value at the core. “We are not okay with just doing what’s required,” Osborne added, “We provide a bereavement support that’s open to anyone in our communities regardless if we’ve served their family, we have a children’s camp, Camp HOPE that we provide.”

So with a new name that means so much to the staff, a goal to give back, and an aim to serve, the agency is looking to another 35 years. “We try to be a business of ministry,” Osborne said.

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