Hospice of Marshall Co. Shepherd’s Cove offers second annual family focused grief camp

Northeast Alabama
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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. — Everyone deals with loss in a different way, and that’s one reason for Camp Hope. Hospice of Marshall County Shepherd’s Cove offers the free camp to children and their families and the second annual event will be held Saturday, May 21.

The event is family focused. “A one day grief day camp for families in our area who’ve experienced a significant death in their life and are living in a season of grief,” Bereavement Director Stacey Johnson says.

The camp is offered at no cost and involves activities geared toward channeling grief and coping with loss. The activities vary, so each participant can express themselves in a way that is most comfortable to them. “We often times can retreat into our own little corners and grieve individually in our own unique way, but what the family focused Camp Hope does is really promote family grieving, and promotes positive grieving skills for the family at large,” Johnson explains.

Children from five years old and above who have lost someone close are welcome to attend with an adult or their family. Therapeutic activities include: equine support, yoga, and canoeing.

Many times, children and others who have lost a loved one feel like they’re alone in what they are experiencing. This camp is a way to work through that and start to heal. “Offering a family grief day camp really promotes family healing and encourages family to communicate openly their feelings associated with the loss,” Johnson says.

The camp also includes a memorial service to remember and honor each loved one.

The camp is full for this session, but another will be held this year. Visit Hospice of Marshall County Shepherd’s Cove for more information, and also information on how to volunteer for the next session.

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