Home security systems can help investigators solve cases

Northeast Alabama
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ARAB, Ala. — In the last year or so, police have seen an increase in home security systems and it’s helping solve crime.

A picture from a doorbell camera at a home in Arab connected dozens of theft cases in three counties. Now, the man caught on camera is facing charges. Multiple agencies are looking for his partner, Richard Anderson.

Arab Police Chief Ed Ralston said the increase in home security systems over the last year or so has given investigators a step up. “I mean, it’s countless,” Ralston explained. “It could be 100 cases. There are a lot of cases that we solve, either with video of the car, and especially if we have video of the person.”

It’s a tool widespread agencies are using, and when investigators post the security footage to Facebook, tips pour in. “Everybody knows somebody, and it is so helpful to us, and we can’t thank the public enough for identifying these people,” Ralston said.

It doesn’t take the place of good old-fashioned police work, but security footage is another tool investigators can use. “Everybody’s got something, and we encourage that,” Ralston said. “We have security cameras in the park and we’ve actually solved a couple of thefts over there in the park with those security cameras.”

He added home security systems are becoming more and more common. They can give a piece of mind to homeowners, and if something happens, a leg up for investigators.

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