High speed chase through multiple counties ends with a wreck

Northeast Alabama
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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – Early Tuesday morning a high-speed chase started in Jackson County and led to Dekalb County. The Dekalb County Sheriff, Nick Welden said it was a long chase and at times the driver went over 100 mph.

“I’m unsure of the exact reason Jackson County pursued him. I’m sure it was a traffic violation or something of that matter, but when they crossed into our county -our number one goal is to end it safely,” said Welden.

Welden says his deputies finally stopped the driver by blocking him in with their vehicles.

They discovered the driver was 42-year-old Billy Blake. Sheriff Welden tells us Billy Blake has been in trouble with the law in the past.

In 2017 WHNT News 19 told you when Blake was charged with 3rd-degree burglary and 2nd-degree property theft after breaking into Flat Rock School, and Henagar Junior High.

Sheriff Welden even says he’s arrested Blake himself in the past. “The subject has a history of criminal acts and most people that run have a history of criminal acts.”

Welden says Blake has robbed churches and storage units. He was recently let out on probation, which led to Tuesday morning’s chase.

Blake is now in custody in Jackson County. Police say he was found with a large amount of cash in his vehicle, but would not confirm how much.

Sheriff Welden says the reason for the pursuit and the amount of cash Blake had is still under investigation.

Welden says that two of the sheriff’s office vehicles are at Carter’s Body Shop being repaired.

Neither of the vehicles is totaled.

Sheriff Welden says he’s proud of how his deputies ended the pursuit, and for keeping the community safe.

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