Henagar residents are without a trash can till next week, mayor offers solution

Northeast Alabama
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HENAGAR, Ala. — Residents in the city of Henagar are dealing with a smelly problem, and the mayor says it will be fixed by next week.

Some people within city limits are currently without a trash pick up service, and some are even without a trash can to put their garbage in.

“A garbage can is something you use on a daily basis, and I don’t have that now,” said Henagar resident Kay Nichols.

She was aware that in early July there would be some changes to garbage service in the city, but being without it at all was not what she anticipated.

“I paid for three months of garbage service starting July 1st,” Nichols said.

Just a week after the new garbage service had dropped their trashcan off at her house, they came back and took it away.

Mayor Lee Davis boils the situation down to miscommunication.

“Dekalb County contracted a new garbage service,” he said. “We did not want to be under that contract because we were doing our own garbage service.”

The county’s garbage service mistakenly distributed cans in the city, and when they found out they weren’t wanted there, they went and picked them back up.

Now the city is waiting for their new garbage cans to be shipped and distributed to residents.

“Our cans were supposed to be delivered the first part of this week,” Davis said. “They didn’t make it because of shipping delays.”

The mayor says all residents should have the correct city garbage service trash cans by Wednesday of next week.

In the meantime, if people living in Henagar without a trash can don’t want to or can’t move the trash to a city receptacle, they can simply call City Hall and they’ll have someone come pick your garbage up for you until the new ones are delivered.

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