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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – Have you ever passed this building on Willow Street and wondered what it was? Well you’re looking at one of Scottsboro’s newest tourism spots, Harvest Haunted Attraction.

“The nationally known sports artist Greg Gamble has kind of branched out from his usual thing, doing sports art and he’s decided to open up a haunted house,” says Fairen Cooley, director of operations.

The building is broken down into two parts.

“This particular building is going to be the entertainment section of Harvest Haunted Attraction, and the main building over there is going to be the main haunt,” explained Cooley.

A coffee shop, movie theater, and as a museum called The Hall of Fame will also be part of the attraction.

“It’s going to tell a little bit about all of the characters before you actually go through the haunt. Then when you get to the main attraction, you’re just going to walk through the haunt.”

This haunt has a special twist, since it is created by Greg Gamble himself.

“He’s created all characters from scratch. He’s wrote the story,” said Cooley. “This is all something totally new from any other haunt in the country.”

The hope is this new attraction will scare up new revenue for Scottsboro.

“It’ll bring in revenue to gas station, restaurants, hotels, you know the whole nine yards.”

And help put the city on the map. “With all of the ideas being so different from any other haunted house, and we’re opening up as one of the largest in the country.”

They hope to have the attraction done by the end of September. For more information on Harvest Haunted Attraction, you can click here to access their Facebook page.