Guntersville Urgent Care hosts COVID-19 vaccination clinic

Northeast Alabama

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – A steady stream of people spent Thursday getting their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at Community Urgent Care Lakeside North.

“A lot of the hospitals and health departments, they have just been so overwhelmed with people wanting it, that they’ve been on a wait list of 600 or more so we wanted to offer it as well,” said nurse practitioner Whitney Sime-Gore.

But there is hardly no wait at Lakeside North and no appointment is required.

“Just as healthcare providers, we thought it was really important to give people the opportunity to get the vaccine even if they weren’t an established patient and if they didn’t have the opportunity to make an appointment just for convenience factors, and we wanted to serve as many people as possible without wasting any of the vaccinations,” added Sims-Gore.

Sims-Gore told News 19 they put in their order and waited their turn.

She said they and the older population of patients were happy to have received 1,170 doses.

They have administered the Pfizer vaccine to more than 100 people per day this week, many are traveling to the clinic from all over the region to get it.

“I’m traveling tomorrow,” said Madison County resident Adriene Fields. “I’m flying to Fort Worth Texas and I tried to find a place in Huntsville that I could get my shot before I traveled and one of my coworkers called me up and said, ‘Hey, we went to Guntersville last weekend. Why don’t you try there?’ And sure enough I was able to come in like the next day after I called in, so it was just a convenient, perfect place to come.”

56-year-old Fields told News 19 she has Type-2 Diabetes and thinks getting the vaccine is important to not only keep her and her loved ones safe, but also to do the things she has missed doing since the pandemic began.

“We’ve all been under this quarantine or whatever you want to call it for the last year and ready to get back to traveling, ready to go to concerts, you know, ready do those things. The vaccination seem like it’s the best way we can get back to our ‘normalcy’,” explained Fields.

No appointments are needed Friday either, but anyone wanting one may want to call and see if they still have any because supply is limited after the week long clinic.

Lakeside North employees will be getting 2,400 more doses in three weeks.

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