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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Friday, September 23 marks one year to the day that two people lost their lives at a fast food chain restaurant in Guntersville.

19-year-old Elias Gaspar Escobar and an unnamed 17-year-old male were killed in a shooting at the Taco Bell on Gunter Avenue. Kevon Yenovi Williams of Georgia and Morgan Taylor Young of Guntersville both face charges of capital murder in their deaths.

According to Guntersville Police Chief Jim Peterson at the time, both victims were declared dead at the scene.

24-year-old Williams was arrested the following day, while it wasn’t until March 2022 that Young was taken into custody.

'Taco Bell murders': latest updates for two charged
Kevon Williams (left) and Morgan Young (right) are both charged in the murders of two people at a shooting in Guntersville in 2021. (Marshall Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Marshall County District Attorney Everette Johnson tells News 19 that despite the case making “normal” progress for a capital case, the amount of forensic evidence needing to be processed does have an impact.

“[The evidence] has been submitted for analysis/examination,” explained Johnson. “We have not received the results as of yet on these submissions, and until we do, the case will not be ready to be set for trial or further proceedings.”

In October 2021, a grand jury indicted Williams for the murders. Court documents filed on October 6 say Williams claimed he acted in self-defense. Those documents also asked for a bond to be set and mentioned that his family relies on Williams for living expenses.

Young entered a plea of “not guilty” to each of her four charges on May 4, according to court records.

Court documents also state that Young’s age makes her ineligible for youthful offender status in her case, where she faces two charges of murder and one charge of capital murder, along with a charge of conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery.

Williams and Young are both expected to be in a Marshall County courtroom on January 3, 2023, for a review hearing.

Both remain in the custody of the Marshall County Jail without bond.