Grant Police finish security camera project at Town Park

Northeast Alabama
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GRANT, Ala. (WHNT) – Grant Police installed the final set of cameras at the town park, and officers hope it will add to the security and give them another tool to help them with their jobs.

“Field One and Field Two. We’ve had it operational now for over a year, there’s 15 cameras there,” Grant Police Chief Mike Burgess says.

Chief Burgess says recently they’ve added cameras to Field Three, and now they’ve installed the last bit of the project.”With all three fields, we now have 20 cameras covering everything from the bleachers, in front of the bathrooms, the smoking areas which are designated now, the fields themselves, the walking trails, and even some of the parking areas,” Chief Burgess explains.

Police can access the cameras easily.  “Fortunately our camera system is online, and through links to our iPhones and our tablets in our cars, we can monitor all of our parks from anywhere in the city,” Chief Burgess says.

After hours, the department has them set up on motion detection. “After hours, it will send an alert to officers and they can look at the video and see what’s going on,” Chief Burgess explains.

Police say the added security in the area is working. “It’s not that we want to be the Big Brother here, but we want to make sure that when people go to our park, they can go there and know that crime is going to be deterred as much as possible,” Chief Burgess says.

Grant Police say if the town decides to expand the park, they will add cameras to cover that expansion.

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