Governor Bentley Talks New Alabama Gun Law

Northeast Alabama
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(WHNT) – It is the second day Alabama’s new gun law has been in effect. The public has heard from numerous gun owners, lawmakers and local sheriffs on the matter but how does the man who holds the state’s highest office feel? Governor Robert Bentley says he feels confident the questions surrounding various components of the law will not lead to widespread issues across the state.

“I personally have a lot of guns,” said Bentley, “I love guns and I love to shoot.”

Bentley clearly makes no qualms about being a pro-gun governor.

“First let me say I’m a strong supporter of our second amendment, I’m also a strong supporter of property rights and so we’re going to have to balance those two things out and make sure people who do not wish to have someone with a gun there has the right to say no.”

He says success with the new law will mean a reconciliation among rights, safety and good sense.

“Criminals though are going to get guns,” concedes Bentley. “You know, the law-abiding citizens are going to do things right and we’re not going to have any problems with them and whether we have this law or don’t have this law the criminals out there are going to do what they will.”

Governor Bentley stresses the importance of gun owners educating themselves and not relying on others for information.

“I think it’s not going to be as significant a change as people think and I think everything is going to be okay,” Bentley says. “We’re going to just have to let the law play out and see how it goes.”

Governor Bentley says he has every confidence in law enforcement across the state to properly and effectively carry out the spirit of the law.

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