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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — A senior prank at Guntersville High School caught the teachers off guard in a way they say they’ll always remember.

Getting kids to remember things like square roots and literary devices probably isn’t an easy job, but teachers sign up for it. It’s a job you could say is taken for granted.

At Guntersville High School though, some of the Class of 2018 changed that. “The kids had left a nice little going away present to each of us,” explained economics teacher Sherry Brown, “Individualized our doors with going away messages.”

“There were also cards under each door. When you opened it, it said ‘Love you, Class of 2018,'” added AP English teacher Lindsey Hornbuckle, “So they slid a thank you card under each door, even if the door didn’t get decorated.”

It was a covert operation that took place over the weekend. Fellow teacher Barbara Boyles was in on the secret and ran it by school leaders. “I thought it was really something because it was a prank that wasn’t harmful. It didn’t destroy anything.”

Rather, it built up. “We put a lot of effort into figuring out who they are as individual people, and you’re at the front of the class and you’re teaching them, and you’re pouring into them. Sometimes you feel like maybe they don’t know who you are,” said AP Lit teacher Miranda McCoy, “But when you get messages like this… I just feel like any time students show positive appreciation and acknowledge who we are personally, that goes a long way.”

A long way because little words can mean a whole lot.