“Get your warnings” – Have a way to receive alerts, no matter how severe the storm

Northeast Alabama
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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — No matter how non-threatening a storm might seem Emergency Management officials say that can change in an instant, and encourage you to have a way to get alerts, just in case.

“The thing about thunder storms, strong to severe thunderstorms, every thunderstorm has the potential of developing a tornado. So if we have a squall line develop, we may see quick spin-up tornadoes occur on that squall line,” explained Marshall County Emergency Management Director Anita McBurnett.

That’s why EMA officials say it’s important, no matter how non-threatening a storm might seem, to be aware just in case. “People need to be able to receive some type of warning. That’s why it’s so important to on your cell phones, which most people carry these days, to make sure you have downloaded some apps to get notification there,” McBurnett said, “Get your warnings. There are many from the media that are available out there. There’s plenty from the National Weather Service. The iNWS is a good app to have on there. Get your warnings.”

McBurnett adds it’s also important to have a weather alert app if you’re out with the kids at practice, shopping, outdoors, or out on the water.

EMA officials said it’s good practice to keep up with the storm’s threats as it develops, and know where you can get to safety, no matter where you are.

“That’s the message we need to get out to everybody right now is don’t take these severe thunder storms for granted, because they can escalate very quickly. You’re going to have very little warning, and those are the ones that get you,” McBurnett said.

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