Geraldine’s new stadium is up just in time for the season’s first home football game

Northeast Alabama
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GERALDINE, Ala. – Geraldine football fans will have a brand new view to enjoy games from this season.

“With growth of the school, what we decided to do was tear down the existing visitor bleachers and build back the home side bleachers there to expand the capacity of the stadium,” said Jason Barnett, DeKalb County School’s superintendent.

He said the expansion has school spirit and pride through the roof. “I think everyone’s been very excited as people drive by. They look over here and watch the progress and as its being complete everyone is really excited,” explained Barnett.

The newly completed project will help other school programs drum up excitement as well. “We hope to have some band members. We hope to have some robotics and other different people out here in different programs in support of what’s going on within those academic programs.”

But tonight, athletics and team spirit will be on display for the school’s first home game. “I know there’s going to be great excitement here tonight,” said Barnett. “Geraldine plays Fyffe here tonight at 7 o clock. We’d love to have a great crowd. A lot of folks come out and enjoy it.”