Gas prices a concern in Marshall County

Northeast Alabama

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala.- Gas prices are going up and the supply of it is seemingly going down after a cyber attack forced the shutdown of a major supply line.

“Three weeks ago, it took 20 something dollars to fill our little car up and now it takes 40 and that hurts,” said Guntersville resident Ronald McGuire.

He told News 19 Wednesday afternoon he expects things to only get worse.

“The gas, I’d say, is not real high but within another week or so, it’s going to be skyrocketed. They’ll be people lined up everywhere,” added McGuire.

He said the price spike is impacting everyone, including small business owners like his son.

“They’re losing money really because they’re having to pay more for gas,” he said.

McGuire was also concerned about county employees and first responders.

County employees burn through a lot of gasoline and diesel fuel every day, whether it be the sheriff’s deputy’s vehicle or even the larger heavier pieces of equipment like the road crews are using.

“If it gets to where they run out, how are they going to get around and that’s going to involve safety measures,” McGuire told News 19.

But the workers are still doing their jobs because Commission Chairman James Hutcheson said they are well-stocked.

“County work will not be interrupted because of the pipeline shutdown. I’ve talked to commissioners, they’re in good shape,” Hutcheson explained.

The two men said people are panic buying despite Gov. Kay Ivey urging people not to.

“That was the issue we had with paper towels and toilet paper and all that during the pandemic. people overreacting, they went out and purchased all they could,” said Hutcheson.

McGuire and Hutcheson both encourage drivers to not panic buy and conserve what they have until things are back to normal.

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