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Police arrested two Fort Payne High School seniors at school, just one month before graduation.

Chief Randy Bynum said officers also took a third student into custody, after drug-sniffing dogs found marijuana and drug paraphernalia during a search of the campus this week.

In addition to the legal issues, principal Bryan Jett said the will students face suspension such as suspension.

The superintendent will make that decision.

“I hope it will change their destructive behavior in the future, and put them on the right path in life,” Jett said.

Fort Payne’s prom is Saturday and the school promoted events to discourage kids from drinking at prom parties.

Officials also don’t want the kids to do drugs.

“If we can do a little bit of prevention now with the kids in the Fort Payne City Schools, then therefore we probably won’t have any encounters with those kids as they grow up into young adults,” Chief Bynum said.

The police department does drug sweeps of the lockers and parking lots three or four times a year.

“Normally we come up empty handed which is a good thing for the school system,” Bynum said.

“In this particular incident, the canines alerted us on a couple of cars in the parking lot.”

Chief Bynum said officers found small quantities of marijuana and some paraphernalia in two cars.

“We’re very proud that nothing was found in any of our lockers,” Jett said.

“No hits of any sort by the dogs, completely free of drugs, so that’s very good.”

Bynum said marijuana is regaining popularity among teenagers.