FORT PAYNE, Ala. (WHNT) — With the city set to host ‘June Jam‘ this weekend, the Fort Payne Police Department (FPPD) is warning residents of some road closures to accommodate the big event.

FPPD said the closures are meant to help facilitate foot traffic near the VFW Fairground where Alabama will be hosting the event over the weekend.

The department said that 18th Street NE and Williams Avenue NE to Gault Avenue will be closed Friday beginning at 2 p.m. until pedestrian foot traffic is over after the concert.

The following roads will be closed beginning Saturday at 6 a.m. and will remain closed until pedestrian traffic clears after the concert:

  • 15th Street NE between Williams Ave NE to Jaycee Ave NE
  • 20th Street NE between Gault Ave to Williams Ave NE
  • Williams Ave NE between 14th Street NE to Jaycee Ave NE
  • William Ave will be closed from Mims Street to 18th Street

FPPD also warned that the front area of William Avenue Elementary School will be a drop-off point for the event shuttle service only and no public parking will be allowed.

Officials added that the following roads on the west side of Gault Avenue will be closed to vehicles beginning Saturday at 6 a.m.:

  • Grand Ave NW from 14th Street NW to 18th Street NW
  • 15th Street NW between Grand Ave to Alabama Ave
  • 16th Street NW between Grand Ave to Alabama Ave
  • 17th Street NW between Grand Ave to Alabama Ave

FPPD said residents should also expect heavy foot traffic on the roads listed below near the event, but they will not be closed:

  • Williams Ave NE between 20th Street NE to 18th Street NE
  • 14th Street NW between Alabama NW and Grand Ave NW
  • 18th Street NW between Grand Ave NW and Gault Ave N.

According to the department, residents of the area will still be allowed access to their homes. FPPD also said that people renting out vehicle spaces for the event will be allowed to get their vehicles to their assigned spaces.

For more information on June Jam, you can visit the event’s website here.