Fort Payne company creates materials for International Space Station

Northeast Alabama

FORT PAYNE, Ala. – A Fort Payne veteran-owned and operated business is celebrating a major accomplishment after their products were used to help on the International Space Station.

Artemis Shielding usually makes products to protect people from radiation in airports or the medical field.

However, the company was recently involved in a historic event: protecting electrical systems on a spacecraft.

“We were all watching live because it was just such a landmark moment for our company, just something that we would never have expected. It was pretty exhilarating,” said Sales and Marketing Director Randall Ham.

Employees created a product to protect the avionics boxes on the International Space Station from what’s called a “radiation event”.

“What it was doing was shortening the life of the avionics on the space station. Our chief technical officer came up with a plan for them, we produced some material for them to line the avionics boxes, they did some testing and had some positive results and so on February 20, we sent it into space,” explained Ham.

Ham showcased an example of the product to News 19 at their headquarters on Gault Ave.

“It has very, very good shielding properties but yet it’s still lighter weight than most products and very flexible, it allowed them to line their boxes with it without any issues,” Ham said.

The polymer sheet, similar to rubber or plastic, is in line with all of the other Artemis Shielding products in that it is completely lead-free and nontoxic, which is unlike any other in the industry.

Ham told News 19 his company has done many amazing things in its first five years, but going to space was almost like a mission accomplished.

The company’s manufacturing is currently done by a third party in a few different states, but Ham said he hopes to move that to Fort Payne in the near future, too.

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