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FORT PAYNE, Ala. – “The latest case in Rainsville, the man that got attacked just created some additional concern,” says Mayor Larry Chesser.

Draft number one of Fort Payne’s pet ordinance was very vague with limited rights. They couldn’t even pick up stray animals off the street.

“We changed that four years ago and made it to where the officer, when he received a complaint, where he could pick an animal up and take it to the shelter,” says Mayor Chesser.

Four years later and the city council still wanted to do more.

“We now can impose the death penalty upon the animal under certain circumstances but it has to be done through the court.”

Amending the old ordinance, this now gives them a little more power over animals deemed vicious.

“There would be a summons issued and the owner would come to court and the judge would make a decision on what would have to be done with the animal.”

Which could be keeping it in a pen or putting the dog down.

“It puts it in the lap of the court.”

They hope to comfort the city a little more with this addition.

“You never know when one of these animals just like the one in Rainsville is going to turn on you,” says Mayor Chesser.