Former Paint Rock Valley Schools students work to adjust to their new schools

Northeast Alabama
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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – The Jackson County Board of Education is taking steps to ensure students returned to school in a positive environment, especially those former Paint Rock Valley students beginning at a new school.

Back in May, students walked the halls of Paint Rock Valley School for the last time. This year they are attending either Skyline or Woodville School. “We haven’t had any complaints. I’ve checked in with the schools and it seems to be a smooth transition,” said Superintendent Kevin Dukes.

Skyline and Woodville both took in 25 students each from Paint Rock Valley School and the rest of the former students chose other options. Superintendent Kevin Dukes told us that former Paint Rock secretary, Liz Bellomy, visited both campuses to make sure students were adapting. “She said she has interacted with several of the Paint Rock Valley students and she said that they are happy and excited and that she can tell the transition is going smoothly.”

Another way to make the transition a little easier, Superintendent Dukes sent half of the former Paint Rock Valley teachers to one school and half to the other. “We have other community members that were not teachers at Paint Rock Valley but are teachers at both schools, so there’s going to be a lot of familiar faces. Our folks are doing everything they can to make these children feel welcomed.”

As for the old Paint Rock Valley School building, the Jackson County School Board said they still have plans to turn it over to residents, so they can still use it as a community center. “That’ll be something I’ll have to speak with our school board attorney, the Jackson County Commission and things like that.”

That will be worked out at a later date. The priority now is making sure students enjoy this new experience.

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