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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – First responders in the Tennessee Valley are asking residents to stay “weather aware” this weekend ahead of severe storms that will potentially allow for tornadoes.

DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden’s deputies were occupied Wednesday night with responses to a tornado in Rainsville, but he said they might need to prepare for more.

“This time of year is always dangerous when you have the cold fronts pushing in,” Welden said. “I’m no meteorologist, but you know, just history itself.”

Welden might not be a meteorologist, but Jessica Chace from the National Weather Service office in Huntsville is. She told News 19 that narrative applies to all of the Tennessee Valley.

“It’s right after the New Year’s holiday so I know a lot of people will be kind of gathered and it’s still the holiday season, so make sure you stay weather aware,” Chace said.

Bill Phillips from Lawrence County, Tenn. Emergency Management Agency said it already has every county department on standby, but residents also need to identify where to hide in the case of a tornado.

“The plan is to have somewhere to go, preferably below ground,” Phillips said. “If not, to an interior room. If you’re on a single story definitely on the lowest floor of your structure. And if you have an internal bathroom that’s a good place to be, and actually inside the bathtub is not a bad place to be, and put a blanket or pillows over the top of you.”

“Lord willing it won’t be that bad, but you never know,” Welden said. “So you need to prepare yourself for the weather, but also prepare yourself for those who are out there working, and respect them.”