First COVID-19 test site in Marshall County opens

Northeast Alabama

BOAZ, Ala. – The first drive-through evaluation and COVID-19 testing site in Marshall County opened Monday morning.

“We have a lot more sick people around here than we know about because simply the lack of testing in our area,” said United Doctors Medical Center clinic manager Brooke Ashley

United Doctors Medical Center opened the first drive-through site at 1860 US Highway 431 North in Boaz.

Ashley told WHNT News 19 there is still influenza going around in Marshall County. She added that her healthcare providers have been having a tough time keeping the well patients away from those who have a fever.

“We need a way to test those patients to find out if we need to tell them stay home. And I know the rule is, if you’re sick stay home and quarantine yourself, but it’s sometimes hard for our population to do that for the whole 14 days if you don’t say hey, you’re infected with COVID-19,” explained Ashley.

The latest drive-through evaluation and COVID-19 test site is meant to help the residents in the more rural areas, who are unable to get to larger cities like Huntsville or Birmingham to be tested.

“Our elderly population, a lot of times, they don’t have transportation to some of these larger population areas that have multiple testing locations,” said Ashley.

Those wanting to be tested will stop at four spots.

The first is patient intake. They are only testing those who have symptoms of COVID-19 and/or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

The patient will then then register for the visit and be evaluated by a provider before being tested.

“It’s just great for them to be able to be assessed by a provider; somebody to listen to their lungs, listen to their complaints and reassure them, we’re going to find out if you have this and  that they’re going to be ok,” said Ashley.

The Boaz drive-through COVID-19 test site will be open Monday through Friday. The hours may vary depending on the heat.

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