Final weekend of 2019 season for Albertville Christmas tree farm

Northeast Alabama

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – Several people braved the rain Friday to pick out a living tree from Frazier Farms in Albertville.

There are hundreds of trees of several varieties at the farm.

Brooke Taylor and her family made their first visit to the farm on Friday.

“We just thought it would be a good experience to come out and cut down a tree instead of buying a fake one every year,” said Taylor. “It was a good experience for our family and picking out a tree together and having family time.”

Farm owner Susan Frazier said they limit their sales to 300 each year.

“We have to give them a chance to grow and get bigger,” said Frazier. “There’s so many people with taller ceilings now.”

Frazier said after her husband’s mother died in 2010, her husband planted the trees to give to preoccupy himself. They have been selling trees since 2013.

Frazier told WHNT News 19 that the drought this year caused some of the trees to not fill out completely, but she expects them to be just right for next year.

She and her husband are also expanding for the future. They planted 2,400 new trees this past spring.

“Arizona Cyprus and Leland Cyprus and Thujas. A lot of our customers like the Thujas. They have a little bit stronger limbs and they smell like fruit loops,” laughed Frazier.

With the growth of the local business, comes a local economic boost to area gas stations, the co-op, and more money on the pockets of local employees.

Frazier Farms gives families the full Christmas experience with candy canes, holiday music, decorations, and plenty of Christmas trees.

“Just wanted to bring families together. It was kind of a ministry and it still is. It’s fun. It gets us in the spirit. Probably they bless us more than we do them,” said Frazier.

The experience on Friday is something the Taylor family said they’ll never forget.

Click here for more information about Frazier Farms.

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