Family of Koy Spears is remembering him, and looking for answers.

Northeast Alabama
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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – It’s been one week since Koy Spears, 18, went missing after a Jeep he was in went over a bridge in Buck’s Pocket State Park.

Authorities have changed the search to a recovery effort but his family is still holding out hope that Koy is out there.

“No, I have not lost hope for my son and I won’t until I have him. I have hope. I am a firm believer in God,” cried Leslie Spears, Koy’s mother.

All his mother has to hold onto right now is Koy’s boot that the rescue squads found in the river.

Childhood photograph of Koy Spears (family photo)

Leslie Spears and her family have spent the past week searching tirelessly for Koy, and when they’re not searching, they’re looking through old photographs of Koy.

“If you knew Koy, he was just fun to be around. You know, he was an outdoorsy boy,” said Leslie.

Leslie thought back on a few of her favorite memories of Koy with WHNT’s Ivy Anderson. Spears says Koy is a smart man.

“This is how smart this boy is. He was a toddler and you could give him a screwdriver and just something to take apart. And he would take that thing apart, and he would put it back together just exactly like it was,” said Leslie.

And now Leslie says all she can do is think about him, and search.

“It’s just like a piece of your heart got ripped and all you do is want it back,” said Leslie.

Koy’s grandfather, Michael Hensley agrees this is the hardest thing he’s ever been through. He says his emotions are making it hard for him to keep his family together.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear your daughter call out his name and you’re trying to search and you hear that echo and it’s kind of like that echoes in our hearts,” said Hensley.

The family says the worst part of this, is not knowing if Koy is still alive or not.

“We’re at seven days right now and I still do not know if my son was even in the Jeep or not,” said Leslie.

Leslie has a lot of questions about her son, but no one is able to answer them.

“A lot of the search has been based on the Jeep. Where was the Jeep? Let’s get the Jeep,” said Leslie.

And while she appreciates everyone looking for the Jeep, she wants to know why people aren’t looking in the hills and woods for her son.

Hensley says the rescue squads have stopped looking for Koy because they’ve run out of resources.

“They don’t know what else to do. Now they’re reaching out to the state to see if the state had the ability to go in the swift water safely. If not then we just have to wait for the water to go down,” said Hensley.

The goal is to find Koy, and figure out what happened to him. But the family is already working on making sure a barrier is put up to prevent people from crossing that bridge when it’s flooded in the future.

“We don’t want another family to go through what we went through. Ever,” said Hensley.

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