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ARAB, Ala. — Students in the Arab City Schools system are heading back to class this week to schools that all pulled an A letter grade from the state. The system is one of a handful across Alabama to achieve that.

Most Alabama public school systems recently received a grade of B or C from the state, which is an improvement from last year. Fifteen school systems as a whole got an A. Six got an A at every school within the system. Arab City Schools is one of them. “We’re blessed with capable students, conscientious parents,” said Superintendent John Mullins, “We have a very supportive board of education, and we have very capable teachers.”

The system as a whole scored a 93. “There have been three years of report cards going back to 2016, and we have had an A for three consecutive years,” Mullins said.

“Ever since kindergarten I’ve come to school here, and it’s just been a loving environment,” said Arab High School student Cole Brooks, “I can rely on my teachers at any time. If I need help with anything I can go to them.”

“It’s a very fun school system and everyone’s very positive,” added his classmate Ainsley Hetherington, “I really love the staff team and all the students here.”

“I really enjoy everything about it. I enjoy the theatre program that I’m a part of and it’s always been such a positive place,” said tenth-grade student Casen Doss.

“The more you can have success in educating children, the brighter their futures are going to be, and that contributes to the community having a bright future,” Mullins said.

He added the grade is a validation of the hard work that happens day in and day out in every school in the system. Madison City Schools also got an A at every school in the system.