Dozens Face Charges Following Roundup

Northeast Alabama
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MARSHALL CO., Ala. (WHNT) — More than 70 people are facing charges in Marshall County as a result of a roundup conducted by the District Attorney’s office.

All throughout last month the District Attorney’s office allowed anyone who owed money or had written a bad check to come forward and pay it, no questions asked. “It’s sort of a win-win,” District Attorney Steve Marshall says, “We give people a chance to do what they’re supposed to do and pay those who are entitled to restitution, and if they don’t we’re going to give them a promise we’re going to come looking for them.”

Marshall says a number of people took advantage of that, but a large number didn’t.

Along with the help of law enforcement agencies across the county and other entities, those people were arrested. “We arrested close to 75 people, 21 who were going to be arrested that day came in and paid off whatever they owed,” Marshall says.

This is something the DA’s office does every year, but Marshall says this year was one of the most successful with more than 500 cases closed and more than 200 thousand dollars collected. “Anytime you can collect 200 plus thousand dollars that goes back to the people of the state of Alabama, that’s a good thing,” Marshall says.


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