Domestic Violence Crisis Services Hosts training for local law enforcement

Northeast Alabama
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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – “There’s a potential for danger for not only the officer but for the victim and children they’re responding too,” said retired Lieutenant Steve Searcy.

Laws are constantly updated and it’s important for law enforcement to understand how to handle domestic violence cases.

“A lot of times they will arrest the victim and abuser and with that if they don’t attend these trainings then they’re not aware that those laws have changed,” said Summer Howard of the Domestic Violence Crisis Services.

Retired police Lieutenant Steve Searcy provided the presentation. He explained why these cases are unique.

“Usually the victim may have children, sexual or blood bond with the dependent in this case and it’s ongoing.”

So it’s not just writing a report, making an arrest, and the case is closed.

“We try to keep police packets in their cars so each victim of domestic violence knows that our agency is out there,” said Howard.

This workshop also gave law enforcement a chance to meet DVCS and see all of the services they provide.

“Normally we like to try and do things by ourselves, but it gives them a foundation of a coordinated community response where we’re all working together,” said Searcy.

Domestic violence is an important issue and DVCS isn’t the only organization fighting against it.

“It sends a message that people do care, including law enforcement.”

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