No new developments Thursday after search for missing teen at Buck’s Pocket

Northeast Alabama
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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – Crews resumed the search Thursday at Buck’s Pocket State Park to try and find a teenager missing for almost two weeks.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said an air search had determined a possible location of interest to search in the creek. Koy Spears, 18, was last seen in a Jeep when it was swept into the flooded creek nearly two weeks ago. Divers searched the entire area of interest that the helicopter had indicated as a possible location, but the diver did not find anything.

Operations ended Thursday afternoon. The plans for Friday are limited based on the weather forecast.

Spears and the Jeep were swept away in floodwaters at South Sauty Creek on a Friday night. Two other teens with him were rescued.

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Heavy rains and swift water have hampered search teams’ ability to get into the water to find Spears or the Jeep.

Thursday, we met back up with Leslie Spears again. She’s Koy’s mom. “I mean, it’s like a nightmare. I just keep hoping I’ll wake up and this is all some sort of dream.”

She says the countless people who have helped look for her son are a blessing. “For one, I appreciate their prayers,” she says. “Having a God on your side is a powerful force.”

The water was down to safe levels for diving, but a week of freezing weather caused concerns about divers going into the water.

A wrecker was on site to help remove a vehicle if one is found Thursday morning.

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