FORT PAYNE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Dekalb County Democrats hosted a candidate meet and greet on Thursday. The attendees are running for several state and national offices including the governor’s office and a U.S. Senate seat.

With less than two months until the Alabama primary election, recent polls are showing many democratic voters remain undecided. U.S. Senate candidate Will Boyd told News 19 he encourages voters to head to the polls and vote on election day.

“We talk about what makes us different, we also need to talk about the fact that we need to turn out the vote everywhere, especially in a primary where there are plenty of African Americans,” Boyd said.

According to a poll conducted by News 19, the Hill, and Emerson College, 67% of voters have yet to decide who they will vote for in the Alabama primary for U.S. Senate. 59% of voters have not picked a candidate in the gubernatorial race.

Though the current U.S. Senate and gubernatorial officeholders are Republicans, Boyd said, if elected, he would champion the rights of all Alabamians.

“I want voters to know that they can depend on me to go to the senate to represent the needs of all people, not just a single group or special interest,” Boyd said.

Gubernatorial candidate Chad ‘Chig’ Martin said his platform extends beyond party lines and will result in the support of a diverse group of voters.

“I’m getting out, I’m working, and I think I’m going to bring a lot of independents to this campaign,” Martin said. “I think I’m going to have crossover Republican votes, and I expect some good support from the Democratic party.”

During Thursday’s meet and greet, candidates presented voters with hallmarks of their campaign messages. Several topics, including job growth and education, we mentioned by multiple candidates.

Lifelong businessman Martin said his industry experience has opened his eyes to the state’s business needs.

“One of the thing we’re not doing good in this state, we’re not negotiating good deals,” Martin said.

In the wake of pandemic-related business shutdowns, Boyd said he wants to represent Alabama workers.

“I have a strategy that is going to put Alabamians back to work,” Martin said.

Gubernatorial candidate and longtime educator, Yolanda Flowers said the state should take a more individualized approach to students’ curriculum.

“I would bring our children up, make them successful, and that’s through psychological evaluations,” Flowers said.

Six Democratic gubernatorial candidates and three U.S. Senate candidates will be listed on the ballot in the primary election.

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates:

  • Yolanda Rochelle Flowers
  • Malika Sanders Fortier
  • Patricia Salter Jamieson
  • Arthur Kennedy
  • Chad “Chig” Martin
  • Doug “New Blue” Smith

Democratic U.S. Senate Candidates:

  • Will Boyd
  • Brandaun Dean
  • Lanny Jackson

The Alabama primary election will take place on May 24. If necessary, a runoff election is scheduled for June 21.

Online voter registration forms are available here. The last day to register to vote in the upcoming primary election is May 9.