DeKalb County’s fall colors spikes the county’s tourism

Northeast Alabama
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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. — The fall season has a huge impact on the entire DeKalb County. “Fall has become our second largest season and it’s getting very close to our June and July summer seasons,” said John Dersham, director of DeKalb County tourism.

Visitors from all over, especially the coastal areas, travel to the different cities in DeKalb just to see the trees change colors. “You don’t get a lot of color down there, so this time of year people love to get up here. They get on the interstate systems and come up to Lookout Mountain, Sand Mountain,” Dersham said.

DeKalb County receives somewhere near a million tourists a year. “A year ago visitors to DeKalb County, just this area, spent 82 million dollars,” he said.

Dersham said that money is a direct result of people spending green for a chance to take in the other colors of the changing season. “When they come and spend the night for a day or two or three days, a family of four is spending 436 dollars a day.”

It’s also a chance for the county to show off its other natural wonders. “We have the largest content of public lands in any county of Alabama, so we got a lot of places for people to go and hike and ride bikes,” Dersham said.

The tourism department says peak fall season begins now and will run into mid-November.

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