DeKalb County School teachers incorporate the eclipse into coursework

Northeast Alabama
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GERALDINE, Ala. — Teachers in the DeKalb County Schools system are incorporating the eclipse into their lessons in preparation for the event on Monday.

In Mrs. Poole’s fourth grade class at Geraldine Elementary School, it’s lessons as usual with a special twist. “We are incorporating the eclipse. I teach the Language Arts portion in the fourth grade, and we’re really focusing on academic vocabulary that they’re going to be hearing on the TV when we watch it,” explained teacher Stephanie Poole.

The students are learning multiple aspects of the event, from history to science. “We’re talking about when did this happen last, so we’re bringing some history into it,” Poole said.

“We’ll look at a lot of diagrams,” explained science teacher Carrie Cox, “We’ll look at the alignment of the sun and the moon, and we’ll look at the science portions of each so they can actually get a visual of what it will look like, not just on paper, but when they’re seeing it on TV.”

DeKalb County Schools will be in session on the big day – Monday.  “We’re going to stream it live here in our classroom which is going to be, I think, probably even better because we can be in a controlled setting talk about it more,” Poole said.

Teachers are incorporating the eclipse into lessons across the DeKalb County School system. “By Monday they’re really going to understand what they see because their interest is piqued, and that’s what it takes,” Poole said, “You’ve got to get them interested for them to really want to learn about it, and they’re interested now.”

DeKalb County students will not be allowed outside of school buildings during the eclipse. Car riders and bus loading will be delayed until 3:00 p.m. on Monday. The system will excuse the absence of any child whose parents want to keep them home that day.

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