DeKalb County residents frustrated with waste management company, trash piling-up

Northeast Alabama
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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – Many in the community of Mentone are outraged at the town’s trash pick service. They say they’re not receiving their trash cans or their trash isn’t getting picked up when it should.

Sandra Lockridge says she moved to Mentone in December and it took her six weeks to get trash cans for her house.

She claims she was told by EC Waste, the only company that services the area, that she would get her cans delivered to her house within a week.  “Weekly calling once or twice, never respond,” she said. “Just no customer service whatsoever.”

Once Lockridge was able to speak with a representative from EC Waste, she says they told her she could drive to Piedmont to get the cans herself — that’s a 50-mile trip. “I had to borrow a truck and pay gas to go get it.”

Lockridge says she was forced to store her trash in a shed in her backyard until she went and got her cans. “That’s six weeks of dog and cat litter, so that was a health problem for me because I had to store it somewhere.”

We spoke to more residents off camera who have the same story — if not worse.

Some say they aren’t receiving cans and others are saying the trash isn’t being picked up every Tuesday and garbage is piling up. “Summer is right around the corner and we’re going to have flies and critters and all of that so it’s just unhealthy.”

We reached out to EC Waste and spoke with their supervisor Craig Brian. He says they’re backed up on deliveries and working their way out of it.

They’ll continue to work toward fixing the waste issues. In the meantime, if you are having a trash pick-up problem contact the DeKalb County Commission office.


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