DeKalb County man is brutally attacked by a neighborhood dog

Northeast Alabama
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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. - Gary Haymon says it's a day he'll never forget.

"I'm alive so just praise the Lord."

After dropping off lunch at his family's house, his aunt warned him to look out for a neighborhood dog.

"She said y'all going to have to run the dog off. It's going to hurt somebody if we don't get rid of it," said Gary Haymon.

He scanned the yard before leaving the porch and it was clear. He took six steps toward his car.

"And just as I looked up, flying through the air was this humongous bulldog coming at me."

Haymon says the 100-pound dog took him to the ground and wouldn't let up.

"The next I felt him clamp down on the top of my head and I felt him take a hunk of my scalp."

Someone from inside the house heard the fight and helped beat the dog off Haymon with a golf club.

"I thought I'm going to die right here," continued Haymon.

His injuries were so severe that he was rushed to Huntsville Hospital.

After a week of recovery, Haymon felt well enough to see a lawyer.

"He [the lawyer] said unless you find out this dog has bitten another human being, there's nothing you can do," explained Haymon.

According to Alabama law, an owner is held responsible for the actions of their dog. But, there has to be known proof that it is a threat to people.

The dog will held for 10 days for testing. If it tests negative for rabies, it may be released to the owners.

Haymon said the dog's owner called him and apologized.

"I think the world of the people. I just don't know what's going to happen."

Gary Haymon says he'll do whatever he can to make people aware of these types of incidents.

"Efforts over and over in the past to try to get some leash laws in the city of Rainsville and nothing's been accomplished."

He hopes the community will stand with him.

We reached out to the owner of the dog in regards to the attack and the future of the animal. We received no response.

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