DeKalb County Board of Education approves new surveillance system campus-wide

Northeast Alabama

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – The DeKalb County school district is taking student and staff safety to the next level.

It will be spending nearly $975,000 for a new campus-wide surveillance camera system and other upgrades at Crossville High School.

Security has always been a priority for Superintendent Jason Barnett.

Over the last few years, they have been working to make things safer at every school.

“We started this by making sure we have controlled entry points, key cards and all this type of thing, and we provided SROs at all our campuses, so we’ve been doing a lot of things but one area we really needed to improve upon was our surveillance,” said Barnett.

He said as they’ve gotten funding, they have piece milled security cameras at the schools.

“Some of those are pretty good, pretty functional. Some have gotten in bad disrepair,” explained Barnett.

Barnett told News 19 the new surveillance system will be cloud-based and stored on a hard drive in case they ever need to review things caught on camera after hours.

“It will monitor campuses during school but also after school hours. We have had some vandalism and stuff in the past after hours. This will hopefully deter and prevent that, but if it does happen, it’ll allow us to better identify those who may be guilty of doing such things,” Barnett added.

The new system could also help in the case of an intruder or mass emergency situation.

“In the event that something that we hope never happens was to happen, we can quickly send a link to first responders and they’d be able to view what’s happening on campus in live time as they are approaching the campus,” Barnett told News 19.

Crews are currently working to get the wiring and cables ready for the new cameras and expect the entire system to be up and running by the end of this school year.

Some of the funding will be spent on new visitor side bleachers at 5A Crossville High School.

Barnett said there had been some accidents of slipping on them in the last few years, so the new bleachers will better prevent that in the future and be more comfortable.

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