CROSSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — In DeKalb County, you’ll find the town of Crossville. It is a smaller community, with a population of fewer than 2,000 people.

“Crossville is a very rural school,” said Crossville High School Principal Jon Peppers.

While it is a small community, the town and school are full of a lot of heart.

“One of the biggest things I’ve noticed since I’ve been here is just the compassion that all of our kids have towards each other,” said Principal Peppers.

That compassion was on full display during the school’s homecoming football game last Friday night.

Senior, Juleydi Ramos was named homecoming queen during the festivities. However, her reign as queen was short-lived.

“I gave Lilliana my crown,” Ramos said.

Ramos relinquished her crown to fellow student, Lilliana Pahuamba, a senior at Crossville who has cerebral palsy.

In an interview with News 19, Lilliana explained her emotions as it was all happening.

“I was like what is she doing?” Pahuamba said. “Why is she coming forward? And then after she put the crown on I was like what is she doing? Then I was like wow.”

Principal Peppers said Pahuamba is a great student and is well-known among other students at the school.

“She comes down the hallway with her walker, sometimes she’s in a wheelchair, but the one constant is she’s always got a smile on her face, and I think the kids see that from her,” Principal Peppers said.

The principal said the crowning moment was emotional for everyone in attendance at the game.

“You could hear a big gasp of air,” he said of everyone in the crowd. “You know, I lost it. I’m a big guy and it takes a lot to make me cry, but that was a special moment.”

News 19 asked Ramos why she decided to give up the crown.

“I just did it because I felt like she was more deserving of the crown and I wanted her to feel special,” Ramos said.

“It did make me feel special,” Pahuamba added. She said she felt “excited and happy.”

The two high schoolers say they hope their story can inspire similar acts of kindness.

“You can make anyone’s day, no matter how small or big a gesture may be,” Ramos said.

Pahuamba nodded along.