Wrecked Jeep found after teen dies near Buck’s Pocket

Northeast Alabama
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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – Crews have found the vehicle a teenager was in just before being swept away by floodwaters.

Koy Spears was riding in the Jeep with two friends at Buck’S Pocket State Park in late February, when it was swept off the road.
His body was found in the water last week.

A state park ranger found the Jeep about half a mile from the crossing where it was swept away Feb. 22, along with Spears. A wrecker was called to the scene to help remove it from the stream, according to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Spears, 18, was swept away during flooding at Bucks Pocket. It took crews weeks to find his body because of dangerous conditions in the high and fast waters caused by heavy rains. Two other people with him at the time were rescued.

The Jeep was spotted around noon. Crews got it out of the water around 3:30 p.m., according to an ALEA spokesman.

Leslie Spears/ Koy’s mom: I went down there today, it’s beautiful down there.

Four weeks after it happened, Leslie Spears can still appreciate the rugged and serene landscape at buck’s pocket. The hardest days are behind her.

“That 18 days of not knowing where my son was, were the worst,” Spears said.

Spears and her family were there one week ago, standing in the dark, waiting for what was later confirmed to be Koy’s body to be carried out of the water.

“All you want to do is go hug your baby, but you can’t because of the condition he’s in,” Spears said.

On Thursday, law enforcement found the Jeep in the creek, battered by boulders, barely recognizable.

“I don’t think the vehicle itself took Koy. I relate his death to the actions that led the Jeep to go into the water,” Spears said.

Koy was riding with two friends the night of February 22nd. The vehicle was swept off the road by rushing floodwater.

“When the weather hits and it rains for three or four days, that bridge is overflowing,” Spears said.

Spears says love for Koy is now overflowing. Last weekend, the spears family laid him to rest.

Holding her son’s remains, Spears says she may never be the same, but she can’t imagine leaving Buck’s Pocket.

“I pray that they put some kind of barrier,” Spears said. “I’ll go lock it, I said I’ll go lock it up. Because I don’t want any of my neighbors or their children to go through this.”

Spears tells News 19 the two friends who were with Koy suffered hypothermia the night of the accident, but otherwise weren’t hurt.

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