Crews conduct a second search for a missing Decatur man in Jackson County

Northeast Alabama
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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office received new information in regards to the search for James Elliot. The 73-year-old suffering from Alzheimer’s disease went missing on October 11, 2016 after leaving his home. In November of 2016, his car was found in Jackson County on a property near Crow Mountain. Crews searched for two days but nothing was found.

On Tuesday, a property owner reported to authorities that they found articles of clothing belonging to Elliot not far from where his vehicle was found.  Wednesday morning, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office along with the Scottsboro Rescue Squad, the Rosalie Rescue Squad and a Huntsville Police K-9 unit conducted another search of the area, digging and sifting through dirt.

Crews searched for seven hours in the area where his pants and wallet were found and only discovered loose change and a pocket knife. “We just went in a circle from that. Out as far as we could go, looking, hoping to find some of his remains. We didn’t find any remains or any other articles of clothing. There will probably be at least one more search to go on,” said Sheriff Chuck Phillips.

Authorities hope to find bones or some form of remains on the next search. The sheriff’s office said they’re more than positive that James Elliot is no longer alive.

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