Couple leaves Puerto Rico to seek refuge in Alabama

Northeast Alabama
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Albertville, Ala. — Albertville resident Jose Ruizcolon was eager to greet his parents at the airport Saturday night when they landed in Alabama. Ruizcolon’s parents had flown in from Puerto Rico.

They said food, electricity, water and gas are all hard to come by since Maria hit. “They have to stand in a big line to get gasoline. He said it’s like the line doesn’t have an end,” Ruizcolon explained.

Some days they were only able to eat once a day and other days not at all. Ruizcolon’s parents, Jose Ruiz Oliver and Georgina Colon Rodriguez, said FEMA is around trying to help. “They were giving away boxes, that have like water, peanuts and some crackers,” Ruizcolon said.

His parents said there’s so much devastation. “Their friend lost everything. Their house disappeared,” Ruizcolon said.

Ruizcolon said it was a mutual decision between him and his parents for them to leave Puerto Rico and come to Alabama.

Ruizcolon is happy to have his parents by his side but, continues to keep in mind those still in Puerto Rico. He said his parents plan to go back to Puerto Rico next year.

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