HIGDON, Ala. (WHNT) — A victory for drivers who use and travel County Road 167 in Higdon. According to people who live in the area, the road has had a pothole problem for years.

Driving down County Road 167 was like being on an obstacle course. People were swerving left and right dodging pothole after pothole but now drivers are enjoying a smooth ride on the mile-and-a-half stretch.

“So they started Monday and they actually told us that they probably didn’t have enough stuff on the truck, I don’t think they thought that the road was as bad as it was,” Resident Sonya Clemons said.

The mile-and-a-half that makes up County Road 167 had 22 potholes from end to end. Two weeks after News 19 brought the road conditions to the county engineer’s attention, they’ve been repaired.

Residents said previously they reached out repeatedly to the county regarding the road and generally only saw a few potholes patched. They told News 19 that after a bit of rain and regular traffic, a lot of those potholes would be back, but the new work seems to be bringing better results

“They did an excellent job this time,” Clemons said, “and they even touched up on the side of the road where we have been riding off trying to avoid the holes so they did a really good job.”

The last documented work completed on County Road 167 in the Higdon area happened in November 2020 according to the DeKalb County Engineering Department. Some residents had nicknamed it Pothole Road. Those who live there say it looks so good now, they don’t even know where they are now

“I’ve had other neighbors that have said you know they thought they were on the wrong road because the road looks so well it hadn’t looked this good in years the only other thing we could have asked for was for them to pave it well get there later (laughter) well take what we can get this time. said Clemons”

The County Engineer says County Road 167 is currently not on a list to be repaved that he is aware of.